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What is a Health Coach?

A health coach works with clients to help them overcome the barriers that are preventing them from becoming the healthiest version of themselves. Through conversation, health coaches work as guides to help provide solutions to health issues, whether they be due to stress, nutrition, relationships, relaxation, sleep, movement, purpose or goals. Most importantly they empower the clients to take charge of their own health, so that they can create new sustainable changes and break any negative habits.

Why do I need a Health Coach?

Do you ever find yourself saying any of these phrases or similar?


I’ll exercise tomorrow, I am too tired today.

I don’t have time to cook healthy meals.

I just don’t have the energy.

I will go to the gym at the weekend, I have no time this week.

I don’t feel motivated.

Tomorrow I will eat healthier.

I was born with a sweet tooth.

I never stick to my goals.

I am too stressed to meditate or try mindfulness techniques.

I am too old to change now.

I can’t, it’s too hard, I am worried that I will fail, its just not for me…...


A lot of people intrinsically know they need to do X, Y or Z to be healthier. They will have seen articles in the press, on social media, on TV, at their Doctors surgery etc. They may have even tried to lose weight, do more exercise, reduce their stress, but nothing ever works or lasts. This is why you need a health coach. A health coach is not there to lecture you on what you need to do, but rather through personalised care, wants to understand why you are where you are today, and what changes you can apply to your life to achieve your goals, improve your health and reduce your health risks.


You may be feeling certain symptoms such as feelings of overwhelm, stress and anxiety, niggling aches and pains, lack of energy and motivation, poor sleep or brain fog and a trip to the Doctor will often end by a prescription for a particular medicine to treat one particular condition. Most GP’s simply do not have the time to go through a full case history, to try and get to the root of a manifesting symptom.


In my early 40’s, I suffered from debilitating neck and back pain, and trips to my GP only resulted in stronger and stronger pain killers. With time and patience, I worked out that stress was the reason for my manifesting pain and through various lifestyle changes, I have been symptom free for many years now.


As a health coach, I strongly believe in a 360 view of health. One plan does not fit all. We need to find balance in all areas of our life. This is where a Health Coach can step in and provide the empathy, without judgement, the mentorship and support that you need.

What does a Health Coaching session look like and how many sessions will I need?

All health coaching sessions start with an initial 90 minute consultation.

During the consultation we will discuss what made you decide to see a health coach, and what you hope to achieve. We will go through a thorough health history, where we will discuss any current or previous medical conditions. We will do a complete review of the body systems, such as the endocrine, digestive and Musculoskeletal. We will talk about your nutrition, sleep, your stress levels, current exercise etc.

Depending on the case, we may also incorporate an exercise called the Wheel of Life, where we look at 5 different areas of your life, to see which areas are flourishing and those that could do with nourishing.

We will then co create a plan for you to achieve and sustain your goals. This coaching plan will be taken away by you to refer to when you need, and I will also attach any additional information that I feel is relevant to your goals, such as information sheets on any conditions that you may be struggling with, relevant resources, podcasts, website, nutritional information, recipe suggestions etc.

The initial consultation would ideally be followed up by at least 3 follow up session, at fortnightly intervals. This would mean you working with me for 2 months. The number of follow ups needed really depends on the individual client, and additional follow up sessions can be added as required.

Why should I invest in my health?

Investing in your health may seem expensive and a luxury, after all you can’t buy good health. But what you can invest in, is trying to be the healthiest version of you.

The united nations published an article on the fact that lifestyle behaviours contribute to the development of chronic diseases such as heart diseases, diabetes, obesity, stroke, joint diseases. They state that chronic diseases lead to a lack of independence and disability. They go on to say that by 2030, 70% of the total global deaths will be linked to chronic diseases. They reinforce the recommendations of a healthy lifestyle, that incorporate good food and exercise habits. They point out that even though most people are aware of what they should be doing, the majority of people still choose to ignore the advice.

Even small lifestyle changes can reap enormous benefits on the individual.

Most of us would like to live long and healthy lives, as pain free and medication free as possible. But sometimes we just need some encouragement to set us up in the right direction and along the right path. This is where a health coach comes in, and yes, it’s an investment, but our body is our most priceless possession and we need to take care of it.

Foggy Waters

Quote from Dr Rangan Chatterjee

(British GP, author, TV presenter, podcaster and advisor for the UK Health Coaches Association)

‘I often talk about how people need a ‘Lifestyle Prescription,’ and not a pill, to help them prevent and potentially reverse chronic lifestyle-related diseases. A Health Coach can help you co - create exactly the right Lifestyle Prescription for you, and more importantly, support you to implement new lifestyle choices and overcome any resistance to change you might experience. Working with a Health Coach offers the support and framework that can benefit many people and make things easier as they take back control of their own health."